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Article: Lucky Butterfly Earrings

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Lucky Butterfly Earrings

In 2021, TAANAA JEWELRY's latest design uses Austria element crystal stones, butterfly elements, and sterling silver metal.
Stone Number: 6020 Helix Pendant
Color name: Crystal AB (001 AB)
Stone size: 18mm

This is a very shiny stone. The shape of the helix makes the color of the stone more beautiful. Crystal AB (001 AB) If the background color is black, the stone shows yellow. If the background color is light, the stone shows blue. In the sun More colors will be displayed below, which is a very wonderful color.
TAANAA always insists on using better stones to make jewelry design more soulful. Use pure silver metal to refuse allergies. Excellent polishing process makes the metal smoother.

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If you have good suggestions or your own design drawings, you can contact us and let us implement this design together and share the beautiful things with everyone.

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